Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Secrets to a Great Cup-Cake

My number one secret to a great cup-cake is LOTS of icing. 

My number two secret is I purposely do not make huge, pop-over cup-cakes.  I don't want too much cake ratio to icing. 

And ... My third secret is NOT to over bake it.  For the last 5 minutes of baking time, place the cup-cake pan directly on top of an air-bake cookie sheet.  This allows the middle of each cup-cake to finish baking, while preventing the bottom from over baking.


  1. I'll try the air pan, good idea! Ummm, don't you have some sugar issues in your house....? :)

  2. Mom, I've just go to say, you make the best cupcakes, cookies, cake, well, lets just say you make the best ever desserts!

  3. Everything in moderation ... With Type I Diabetes it's more about matching up insulin with carbohydrates.