Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pillow Talk ~ Keeping Them Clean

Several years back I came across some disgusting facts about dust mites, their droppings, and pillows.  I’ll spare you the horrible details, but when I realized that some of the pillows in my house were older than my marriage, I knew SOMETHING had to be done.  So, one by one, I started replacing them on my weekly, Wal-Mart shopping trip.  However, some of the children were traumatized by the thought of loosing their beloved friend.  So, I agreed to an attempt  at sanitizing them in my washing machine with hot water and bleach.  (None were down or expensive.)  Surprisingly, all but one pillow survived the spin.  I made sure to dry each pillow completely, even drying another cycle when I thought it was already dry, just to be sure.  I also began using two pillow cases on each pillow in order to better protect my new purchases.  Now, every few years, instead of replacing our pillows, they each get a turn in the hot water and bleach.  My new front loading washing machine does an even better job, and I save a lot of money by cleaning the pillows instead of replacing them.  We all sleep happier … well, at least I do. 

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