Monday, June 13, 2011

Family Game ~ Inspired by the Movie, "True Grit"

We were all home on Saturday to celebrate Nathan & Nicole's birthdays.  After dinner & presents we played a new game that Jeff invented, which was inspired by the movie, "True Grit."  I gave everyone $5 in quarters (there were 9 of us).  We were only allowed to speak in full sentences with proper grammer ... no contractions and no "uhms."  If you made an error in speech you had to put one of your quarters in the main pot. 

It was really hard!  ...  Much more so than I had imagined.  I mistakenly thought that Jeff or I would win.  After a while, people began to be afraid to speak, so Zach suggested that we also play, "Balderdash," which is family favorite game.  (By the way, we do not actually have the store bought game.  We just play with a dictionary and paper.)  This kept the conversation going, along with much laughter.  The games ended when it was time for Jason & Nicole to leave.  Anna Marie won the jack-pot of $27!  It was a fun exercise in paying attention to how we speak.  I find myself even now, a couple of days later, taking care to speak properly. 

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