Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Twists on Twister (The Game)

Our family recently got out our Twister game and had a ton of fun, but it wasn't long before we tired of following the rules.  So, we made up our own "twists" on the game and had a ball!  

We actually have two game mats that we joined together with wide clear tape.

 Holding Hands with a Partner, Using Hands & Feet


Back to Back, Arms Linked (Feet Only)

Mom & Dad Give it a Whirl

Group Effort
All Holding Hands, Facing Each Other ~ Feet Only

Same Thing ~ Only Facing Outward

It was hilarious!

Crab Walking ~ This was really hard!

We also played "Chicken" (two on a team) where one player had another on his back.  First we played, bottom players feet only, but that was too easy.  So, next game we added the top players using their hands.  This may have been the most difficult, but it got a lot of laughs!

This was great fun and a hearty work-out! 


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