Monday, January 9, 2012

Home Made Cook Book / Bridal Shower Gift

When my oldest son was getting married, my daughters put together a cook book of Jason's favorite recipes for his bride-to-be, and gave it to Nicole at her bridal shower.  The girls really enjoyed the creative process, and the cook book turned out very nice.
 They started with a small pink photo album (her wedding colors were pink & brown).  We thought it was a good idea to pick one with a plastic cover that would easily wipe clean.

  The first page just had to have a picture of the groom.

 Then, the girls started adding recipes on colored paper and decorated them with stickers.

Some recipes, they simply photo copied.

 Others, they typed out.

Or, cut out his favorite box mix.

And they kept adding his favorite recipes until they were done.

It was a very special and practical gift made with lots of love!

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