Friday, March 25, 2011

Button Jar

I was trying to think of a good use for this empty candle jar when I remembered my mother’s button jar from my childhood years.  It was a large glass jar filled with all sorts of buttons, kept in our kitchen cupboard, and always available when we needed to replace a lost button or for a craft project.  As a little girl I remember dumping all those beautiful buttons on the table and sorting and admiring them.  Any extra buttons from sewing projects or old, worn out clothes were placed in that jar, and it was quite handy.  I inherited my own button canister from my mother-in-law when she was cleaning house, and I’ve resorted to its contents many a time.  So, as I was looking at this candle jar, a button jar came to mind.  I decided to carry on the tradition, and give it to my oldest daughter with a few buttons from my own stash to get her started.  I promised the younger girls a jar of their own when I come across one.  Even if you don’t sew, a button jar is a great place to keep all those extra buttons that come with fine clothing.


  1. I LOVED my mom's button jar! My favorite was the "carrot button". I have mine all sorted in compartmentalized trays--boring, but really easy to find the right color!

  2. I love a button jar! My mom has one, and it is filled with a huge variety of all kinds of buttons-so colorful and pretty!!